Io compact Cryofree cooling solution

Io is a compact, Cryofree® and low vibration continuous cooling solution offering device and sample temperatures down to 50 milliKelvin (mK) ideal for:

  • low temperature detectors
  • photonics
  • qubit characterisation
  • neutron scattering

Io is ideal for sub-100 mK research and detector applications, offering continuous running together with Io compact cooling solution for low temperature detectors applicationslower device and lower sample temperatures compared to ADR and 3He refrigerators. It enables easy integration of a wide range of optical accessories such as windows, optical fibres, piezo-electric manipulators and neutron scattering tails, which together with a powerful 1 K circuit makes this system the perfect choice for quantum photonic measurements, detector development and beam-line applications.

Io builds on Oxford Instruments’ leading expertise in Cryofree technology, brought into a new, compact footprint for specific applications. Because it is built on dilution refrigerator technology, it not only offers the continuous cooling associated with dilution refrigerators but also the space and integration benefits that other techniques cannot offer.

Main features

Compact, lightweight and mobile

Easy to install and operate where space comes at a premium or when the system needs to be to be frequently moved from one place to another. Re-commissioning this system does not require factory expertise - it is designed so that inexperienced users can do this work with minimum effort.

Excellent temperature control

The sample plate can be controlled between 50 mK and 10 K, while maintaining the magnet at full field. The temperature stability is: ± 1 mK below 100 mK, ± 1% above 100 mK. There are no unstable temperatures regions, the sample plate can be controlled accurately at any intermediate temperatures. An example of a temperature controlled sweep in steps of 100 mK is shown below.

Io compact cooling temperature control

Dedicated 1 K stage

This powerful intermediate stage is ideal for anchoring wires and other experimental services.

Fast cool-down time

The system cools from room temperature to base (<50 mK) in <24 hours.

Low vibration

1W pulse-tube cooler decoupled with flexible copper braids.

Sample space

The mixing chamber plate is 150 mm diameter.

Io compact cooling sample space and wiring capacity

Wiring capacity

One 50 mm line-of sight port for up to eight semi-rigid coaxes and three more ports for flexible wiring.

Ease of assembly

The vacuum cans and radiation shield flanges have key-way holes, which makes the cryostat easier to assemble by a single person.

Ease to use

Bolted magnet current leads (no soldering required).

Io strikes the perfectly balance between performance and affordability for many applications. With a 50 mK base temperature, 30 µW of cooling power at 100 mK and continuous operation over a wide temperature range.

Product brochure

To download the Io brochure, click here.

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Io - warranty and service options


Standard system warranty is 1 year and includes all supplied components without exceptions, on-site support, parts and labour. Extended warranty is sold in multiples of +1 year. Experimental wiring is excluded from the extended warranty but is included in the comprehensive service contract.

Preventative maintenance (PM) contracts

There are mainly three serviceable components on Io: the pulse-tube compressor adsorber and the two Adixen pumps:

Adixen ACP pump (2 off)

22,000 hours

PTR compressor adsorber

20,000 hours

We offer 3 years and 5 years PM contracts which include:

  • All parts, labour, travel and shipping costs of serviced items
  • On-site visit by a qualified service engineer as required based on the system run time
  • General system health-check of seals, wiring and cold traps
  • Firmware and software updates as and when required
  • 1 year warranty on serviced components

Comprehensive service contract

This contract allows the customer to safeguard his investment with complete peace of mind for a fixed price. We offer 3 years and 5 years comprehensive service contracts:

  • Preventative maintenance as detailed above
  • System warranty including all third-party components, such as pulse-tube cooler, electronics, magnet and experimental wiring
  • Priority access to an extensive service stock dedicated to Comprehensive Contract customers only. This service stock allows us to despatch spare parts within 3 working days
  • 10% discount on all consumables and, wiring and instruments purchased from our Cryospares websires
  • All parts, labour, travel and shipping costs of serviced items

Preventive maintenance service kits

Service exchange pumps and adsorbers are available for purchase as and when required. These items are shipped on site together with a detailed work instruction on how to swap them out. The customer is responsible for the service being carried out and to return the old pumps to us.

Io - milliKelvin application packages

Standard application packages

TES Detectors

  • Window tails
  • Cryoperm shield

KID Detectors

  • 4 x UT85 SS: 2 lines with attenuators and 2 without
  • 2 x 24-way constantan looms with 4 K break
  • Window tails

Superconducting single-photon nanowire detectors

  • 2 x 24-way Cu/Nb loom, break at 4 K
  • 2 x single-mode optical fibres
  • 4 x SS UT85 coaxes, 2 with attenuators and 2 without
  • 8 T magnet

Neutron scattering beam line

  • NS tails

Small-scale QIP work

  • 4 x SS-Be UT85 to 4 K, NbTi to MC: 2 lines with attenuators and 2 without
  • 2 x 24-way constantan loom with 4K break
  • 8 T magnet
  • 2 x multi-mode optical fibres

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