Custom-engineered high field magnet systems

Leading the field in superconducting magnet systems for over 55 years, we have an unrivalled track record in the supply some of the most challenging custom magnets across the world.

The majority of our superconducting magnets are customised and we are proud to have been involved some in the most challenging projects. The most recent one is the high field, wide bore (15 T / 250 mm) for the National High Field Magnet Laboratory (NHMFL) as the LTS outsert of the proposed fully superconducting 32 T magnet.

A high field in an all-superconducting magnet will be a major step forward in the high field user capability. This will enable the next generation of tools needed to probe matter at high fields and facilitate materials research leading to new discoveries in materials and nanotechnology applications using all superconducting magnets. 

Here are some examples of the high field wide bore research magnets, installed at some of the national magnet facilities:

         - 19 T / 150 mm bore

         - 15 T / 250 mm bore

Ever since Oxford Instruments' first commercial superconducting magnet was built in 1962 by our founder Sir Martin Wood, we have been innovation leaders and award winners, with a global presence in major industrial and research sectors. Although we are proud of our history, we do not rest on it. Our innovation continues with the development of new cryogen free superconducting magnet solutions, design tools for high temperature superconducting (HTS) applications and use of the latest Nb3Sn wires.

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