Sample environment Vacuum
Sample space 40 mm sample space to suit
52 mm cold bore magnet
Base temperature
(no applied head load, with standard radiation shields)
≤ 245 mK for ≥ 90 hours
Maximum temperature 1.2 K as standard.  Higher temperature option available: up to 300 K in zero field, up to 100 K in magnetic field
Cooling power
(with standard radiation)
40 µW at ≤ 290 mK for ≥ 10 hrs
Temperature stability ± 3 mK at T ≤ 1.2 K
Thermometers Uncalibrated RuO2 sensors on the 3He pot and the 1 K plate, uncalibrated carbon sensor on the 3He sorb
3He regeneration time 30 min
Liquid helium consumption (typical) 3 litres to cool the insert from room temperature to 4.2 K .  0.04 l/hr running at base temperature
Sample access Sliding seal with clamp, via removal of IVC at greased cone seal.  Two line-of-sight ports to the sample space, 6.0 mm clear internal diameter.  NW16 flanges at room temperature
Cryogenic service interval N/A
3He Not included