The complete HelioxVL system consists of:

  • An insert including the self-contained 3He dump and cryogenic pump
  • An external small pump for the 1 K condensing stage
  • The controlling electronics and software
  • The diagnostic wiring


  • A range of non-standard wiring including 24-way connector wired to 3He pot, 4-off flexible stainless steel co-ax cables wired to 3He pot, 24-way wired connector and 4-off flexible stainless steel co-ax cables wired to 3He pot and UT-85 cable wired to 1 K plate.
  • (External) 1 K stage pumping system
  • Calibrated ruthenium oxide sensors on the 3He pot
  • High temperature option extended to 300 K (zero field) or 100 K (in field).

 Integra systems options include:

  • 100/150/200 mm clear sample space to field centre line
  • Low eddy current sample holder
  • Manual or automatic Swedish rotator

Solutions to helium rising costs:

The HelioxVL is compatible the IntegraAC, recondensing liquid helium cryostat.  This product has been developed to significantly reduce the consumption of liquid helium by recondensing helium gas evaporated within the system, which would other wise be vented from the cryostat. This decreases the frequency of helium refills. Cryogenic systems can be kept cold continuously, even when in stand by mode, leading to greater freedom to schedule experimental time.