Software and control

2016 Triton dilution refrigerator software and control

Triton cryogen free dilution refrigerators are software controlled via a high quality PC running Windows10, providing system automation of refrigerator routines and programmable temperature/field sequences.

System automation

  • Fully automatic cool-down/warm-up routines
  • Fully automatic pre-cooling/mixture collection
  • Sample change wizard for systems with bottom- or top-loading sample exchange load-locks
  • Fully integrated magnet control via our magnet field control software, making field setting easy, even with vector magnets in two or three dimensions (which are selectable in Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates)

Experimental control:

  • Programmable temperature and field sequences
  • Programming library supplied with example LabVIEW VIs
  • Integration of dilution refrigerator / magnet control and experimental data acquisition
In-built safety features: 
  • Continuous monitoring of all pressure gauges
  • System automatically enters 'safe state', if necessary
  • Automatic software intervention in case of over pressure with fail-safe in-line pressure relief valves, protecting the mixture and dilution refrigerator in the event of extended power failures
  • UPS option – automatic alert emails can be sent to user in the event of a power failure
  • Monitoring of magnet temperature during field sweep, high temperature control, sample loading
  • Automatic magnet de-energisation in the event of power cut, pulse tube cooler failure, or excessive heat load on second stage cooling
Triton command interfaces
  • Detailed remote interface programming manual
  • Platform independent remote scripting interface
  • Standard internet (TCP/IP) protocol
  • Compatible with any programming language that can access the TCP port e.g., LabVIEW / Matlab / Python / C / C++ / C# / Visual Basic / HP VEE, etc.
  • Monitoring and control of automatic software routines and system parameters
  • Definable access levels (read only/read-write, etc.) with security

User support:

  • Remote system access by Oxford Instruments support staff can be enabled to aid system diagnostics
  • All system settings are backed up prior to shipping from the factory