Sample puck loading

Our best-in-class, patented, bottom-loading sample exchange mechanism comes with a choice of 42 mm or 72 mm sample space.

Triton dilution refrigerator sample puckTriton dilution refrigerator sample puck in place

  • Proven 10 mK sample temperatures with multiple semi-rigid coaxes
  • Supports a wide range of sample wiring configurations: 14 RF connections (40 GHz SMP) plus 50 DC connections supplied as standard, and up to 28 RF plus 100 DC available on request
  • Wiring for piezo nanopositioning stages
  • Specialised low eddy-current designs
  • Fast cool-down within 10 hours of sample change
  • Sample protected from ESD (make-before-break) via sample grounding or biasing before puck docks with mixing chamber plate

Top-loading sample exchange is also available, allowing integration with optical table and other site-specific requirements such as an experimental pit.