Award winning integrated cryogen free superconducting magnets and dilution refrigerators provide combined B/T environments, cooled by a single PTR

Our in-house manufacturing of both magnets and refrigerators enable us to offer unique service and support capabilities of all aspects of the system.

A wide range of solenoid magnets, ranging from 0.3 T to 18 T and a variety of multi-axis vector magnets and split-pairs with optical access, is available. Demountable current leads (as opposed to soldered) are available on request for the majority of magnets.

Our HTS current leads with a brass top section (as opposed to copper), reduce the heat load resulting from radiation and wiring services to the 4 K stage from 60 K.

Oxford Instruments is the only single source supplier, offering guaranteed integrated cryogen free magnet and dilution refrigerator performance with such an extended range:

  • 3, 5 , 8, 12, 14 and 18 T solenoids available as standard options
  • New magnet acceleration technology (see below)
  • Base temperature: ≤ 7 mK expected
  • HTS current leads for low heat dissipation between 50 K and 4 K
  • Fast ramping capability using the latest high field, low loss Nb3Sn developed by Oxford Instruments. Magnet ramps from zero to 15 T in less than 30 minutes
  • 70 mm cold bore standard on NbTi coils, 57 mm cold bore standard on Nb3Sn coils
  • 1 in 103 over 10 mm dsv homogeneity
  • 1 in 104/hr stability with persistent mode switch fitted
  • Custom designs, split pairs and vector rotate coils available on request
  • Automatic control of the dilution refrigerator from room to base temperature
  • Top or bottom loading options available for fast sample change
  • Easy and reliable sample access via only one O ring sealed vacuum space, no IVC
  • One single pulse tube cooler with vibration isolation at 4 K and 70 K

Cancellation coil

A cancellation coil which creates an actively shielded region (typically < 100 Gauss) around the mixing chamber plate is available for most solenoid magnets. This option results in a longer system cool down time but may be essential for experiments with magnetically sensitive components mounted on the mixing chamber plate. It also reduces eddy current heating, which makes it attractive for sweeping field experiments.


Magnet power supply

The new Oxford Instruments Mercury IPS builds on the success of our established power supply technology with a much improved user interface and added modularity. A 60 A master unit with a touch screen interface is combined with one or more 60 A slave units to provide higher currents and multiple outputs for 2 and 3 axis vector magnets. Built-in functionality for persistence mode control, quench protection and remote control via USB, TCP/IP, GPIB and serial ports, are some of the key features.



This image illustrates the integrated magnet warming and cooling during 5 T field sweep, hold at field and sweep back to 0 T (sweep rate 0.31 T/min). Local eddy current heating at the mixing chamber is also shown during field sweep, with time to recover back to base temperature being around 1 hour. 3 microwatt cooling power is available at 20 mK.