Bottom loading sample exchange

Sample space maximised 
Our best in class, patented, sample loading mechanism comes with a choice of 42 mm or 72 mm maximum sample space (ID of its radiation shield) to suit magnets with a bore size of 58 mm or 90 mm respectively. 
Fast cool down
These sample pucks cool from room temperature to base temperature in typically 7 hours and 10 hours respectively. The cool-down procedure is fully automatic using the system control software.
Superior temperature performance
Sample temperatures of 10 mK with multiple semi-rigid coaxes installed, can be achieved on both versions.
Superior wiring capacity
14 RF (40 GHz SMP) plus 50 DC connections is supplied as standard (provisions for up to 28 RF plus 100 DC connections are available on request). 
Additional connections going through the loading stick allows electrical contact with the sample during the loading process. These are useful for grounding or biasing the sample, before the puck docks with the connections on the mixing chamber.

Top loading sample exchange

Our top loader benefits from the same unrivalled performance as the bottom loading option.

Ease of use and larger sample space

The top loading mechanism (fitted to the central line of sight port) allows sample exchange with the cryostat installed in a pit or on top of an optical table. The clear diameter sample space is 32 mm.

Superior wiring capacity

8 RF (18 GHz BMA) plus 50 DC connections are supplied as standard (provisions for up to 24 RF connections with SMP connectors are available on request). Just like the bottom loader, additional DC connections going through the loading stick allows for grounding or biasing of the sample during loading.