Wet dilution refrigerators

  • The KelvinoxMX range of wet dilution refrigerators was first introduced in 1988 and designed for seamless integration into magnetic and cryogenic environments. Its range of inserts features interchangeable secondary inserts to allow the system to be configured for a wide range of experimental applications
  • The KelvinoxHA is an insert for large wet systems providing additional experimental access
  • The KelvinoxTLM allows rapid cycling of experiments by enabling the sample holder to be loaded directly into the 3He / 4He liquid in the mixing chamber
  •  The KelvinoxJT is a small, dipstick-style, dilution refrigerator which features a Joule-Thomson condensation stage meaning the KelvinoxJT can operate in any 4 K environment
  • The automatic gas handling system for all of Oxford Instruments’ range of dilution refrigerators features bellows-sealed valves, all welded stainless steel construction and are fully integrated with our remote access software

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