The KelvinoxTMMX is made up from three main components:

  • Primary insert: provides a 50 mm line of sight access into which a range of interchangeable experimental inserts can be fitted.  1.5 K cooling is provided by continuous flow of 4He through the innovative stretched 1 K condenser design, which minimises microphonic noise generation.  Rapid experimental turnaround times are enabled by a sliding seal, permitting safe removal and replacement of the dilution refrigerator, while minimising helium loss
  • Dilution unit: the available ranges are  MX200 providing > 200 µW at 100 mK and > 300 µW at 120 mK and MX400 providing > 400 µW at 100 mK and > 580 µW at 120 mK
  • Experimental inserts: 
     - fitted with a 6 mm line of sight access to the inner vacuum can (IVC).
    High frequency - equipped with semi-rigid and flexible co-axial lines.  Ideal for high frequency applications (<20 GHz). It is also fitted with a 24-wire loom to the mixing chamber position.
    Rotator: this insert is fitted with similar services to the high frequency model.  In addition, a rotating mechanism, Swedish rotator (manual or automated) is also supplied.
    Versatile: this is an ideal platform to customise your own experiment.  Experimental access is provided by a 15 mm diameter line of sight port to the mixing chamber and 3 x 8 mm diameter line of sight port to the IVC. These are terminated at room temperature by NM25/16 flanges.
    Dipper: this adapts the versatile insert and allows it to be cooled independently of a KelvinoxTMMX by immersing it directly in liquid helium, either in a transport dewar or in an Integra™ system dewar.

Automation and control of your dilution refrigerator using an automatic gas handling system :

All systems are delivered with an automatic gas handling system which is fully automated and enables complete operation of a dilution refrigerator using sophisticated software and virtual instrument drivers for National Instruments' LabVIEWTM.

Options :

  • EX100: Basic experimental insert 
  • EX200: High frequency experimental insert
  • EX300: Manual rotator experimental insert
  • EX310: Automatic rotator experimental insert
  • EX400: Versatile experimental insert
  • LE100: LECSH low eddy current sample holder
  • CS100: ROTH1, 30 point calibrated RuO2 sensor to 50 mK
  • CS200: ROTH2, generic calibration RuO2 sensor
  • RB100: AVS47 resistance bridge with rf filtering, cables & IEEE interface
  • TS530: Temperature controller for use with AVS47 resistance bridge
  • IPC: Isobus Picobus converter
  • VB100: Bucket IVC for EX400 insert
  • VM100: Magnet IVC for EX400 insert
  • VS100: Adapter baffle for EX400 insert
  • VI100: ISO-K adapter for EX400 insert
  • HTC: Helium cold trap
  • Transfer tubes
  • HE3F: 3He flow meter
  • BK100: Bucket IVC
  • VIN: Valves in pumping lines

Solutions to helium rising costs:

The KelvinoxMX is compatible the IntegraAC, recondensing liquid helium cryostat.

This product has been developed to significantly reduce the consumption of liquid helium by recondensing helium gas evaporated within the system, which would otherwise be vented from the cryostat. This decreases the frequency of helium refills. Cryogenic systems can be kept cold continuously, even when in standby mode, leading to greater freedom to schedule experimental time.