Kelvinox®400HA dilution refrigerator is ideal for applications requiring high cooling power and enhanced experimental access such as Quantum computing.

  • Achieves more than 400 µW of cooling power ideal for demanding experiments with high heat dissipation such as microwave cavity losses
  • Less than 7 mK stable temperature: ideal for low temperature demagnetisation experiments
  • Additional line-of-sight access ports enabling a range of services to the IVC and sample space for the most demanding applications
  • Improved experimental access with inserts which provide a wide range of access ports

This dilution refrigerator can also be integrated into a helium recondensing dewar to minimise helium consumption.


Base temperature ≤ 7 mK
Base temperature stability ± 1 mK
Maximum temperature 1 K
Continuous operation Standard
Sample environment Vacuum
Cooling power at 100 mK ≥ 400 µW
Cooling power at 120 mK ≥ 580 µW
Sliding seal assembly Included
3He / 4He mixture Optional *
Experimental access

Ports 1,2,3: Line of sight to sample space, 38 mm dia. to mixing chamber

Ports 4,5,6,7: 12.7 mm ports from the 4K helium bath to the IVC, 2x fitted with tubes between top plate and IVC and 2 x fitted with demountable solder caps. 

We are able to supply the 3He / 4He with the system. Customer can also use their own system.


Research areas


Experimental techniques


Quantum Hall Effect
Quantum dots
Single electron tunneling
Quantum computing

Hall effect
RF transport
High frequency conductivity

Solid State Physics

Heavy fermions systems
Metal insulator transition
Spin glass
Mesoscopic systems
Giant magnetic resistance

Specific heat
DeHaas-van Alphen Oscillations
Solid state NMR
Electrical resistivity
Neutron scattering


Low Tc superconductors
Quantum computing  
Josephson junctions
Flux vortices
Quantum initial phenomena

Electrical resistivity
Scanning spectroscopy(STM/AFM)
AC susceptibility

Astrophysics & Cosmology

Low temperature detectors Superconducting tunnel junctions
Ge bolometers

Electrothermal measurements
Voltage biased measurements
Low energy photon detection


Quantum Hall Effect
Voltage standards
Current standards

DC & AC low frequency transport and magnetic measurements
Single electron tunneling


System components / options

Automation and control of your dilution refrigerator using an automatic gas handling system:

All systems are delivered with an automatic gas handling system which is fully automated and enables complete operation of a dilution refrigerator using sophisticated software and virtual instrument drivers for National Instruments' LabVIEWTM.


  • PT100: 24-way copper/constantan  loom wired to the mixing chamber
  • PT200: 2 x S1 co-axial cables wired to the mixing chamber
  • PT210: 4 x S1 co-axial cables wired to the mixing chamber
  • PT300: 2 x UT85-SS-SS coaxial cables wired to the mixing chamber
  • CAPV/CAP: Capillary line with or without valve
  • KELMSWR: Swedish rotator - manual
  • KELMSRWA: Swedish rotator - automatic
  • LE100: LECSH low eddy current sample holder
  • CS100: ROTH1, 30 point calibrated RuO2 sensor to 50 mK
  • CS200: ROTH2, generic calibration RuO2 sensor
  • RB100: AVS47 resistance bridge with RF filtering, cables & IEEE interface
  • TS530: Temperature controller for use with AVS47 resistance bridge
  • IPC: Isobus Picobus converter
  • HTC: Helium cold trap
  • Transfer tubes
  • MSTM400HA: tail to suit 52 mm cold superconducting magnet
  • HE3F: 3He flow meter
  • BK100: Bucket IVC
  • VIN: Valves in pumping lines


Downloads & further Information


To download our Kelvinox product guide click here

To download our Kelvinox specification sheet click here

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