Every KelvinoxTLM is made up from three main components:

Dilution unit - providing ≥ 400 µW at 100 mK measured at the He mixture phase boundary.

Insert - featuring still pumping line, 1 K pot, diagnostic wiring and inner vacuum can.

Top loading probe - ease of access to samples with a range of experimental services.


Automation and control of your dilution refrigerator using the an automatic gas handling system:

All systems are delivered with an automatic gas handling system which enables complete operation of a dilution refrigerator using sophisticated software and virtual instrument drivers for National Instruments' LabVIEWTM.


  • PT100: 24-way copper/supercon loom wired to the mixing chamber
  • PT200: 2 x S1 co-axial cables wired to the mixing chamber
  • PT210: 4 x S1 co-axial cables wired to the mixing chamber
  • PT300: 2 x UT85-SS-SS coaxial cables wired to the mixing chamber
  • CAPV/CAP: Capillary line with or without valve
  • KELMSWR: Swedish rotator - manual
  • KELMSRWA: Swedish rotator - automation
  • CS100: ROTH1, 30 point calibrated RuO2 sensor to 50 mK
  • CS200: ROTH2, generic calibration RuO2 sensor
  • RB100: AVS47 resistance bridge with rf filtering, cables & IEEE interface
  • TS530: Temperature controller for use with AVS47 resistance bridge
  • IPC: Isobus Picobus converter
  • HTC: Helium cold trap
  • Transfer tube
  • TLMP3: Spare top loading probe, 34 mm access - tested with system
  • TLMP4: Spare top loading probe, 34 mm access - supplied untested at a later date
  • HE3F: 3He flow meter
  • VIN: Valves in pumping lines


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