Cryogenic programmable temperature controller: multi-channel, accurate, intelligent and upgradable

  • Accurate: Measures and controls temperatures down to 250 mK with a precision of 0.1 mK. Best-in-class measurement capability via constant voltage excitation
  • User-friendly interface: Intuitive touch screen interface and remote software control via LabVIEW library. Allows for direct and remote control of the cryogenic systems
  • Adapts to your needs: Via its unique flexible design incorporating plug-and-play expansion cards. Optional level meter and gas flow control. Allows up to four isolated PID control loops, nine sensor inputs and four 80 W heater outputs

Note: The set of expansion cards now includes a 'Pressure Sensor' card.

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To download the MercuryiTC product guide, click here



Number of inputs 1 incl. as standard, up to 8 extra
A/D Resolution 24-bit analog to digital
Maximum reading rate Up to 4 readings per sec
Isolation All sensors independently isolated
Supported sensor types All standard types for diode/RTD and thermocouple



Number of inputs 1 incl. as standard, up to 3 extra
A/D Resolution 16 bit
Max heater power 80 W
Max current 2 A
Max voltage 40 V
Heater load range  20 Ohms to 120 Ohms
Heater noise (0 - 2 MHz)  2 mV


Configuration options*

Sensor input Up to 9
Heater output Up to 4
N2 / He level meter Up to 2
Auxillary control (stepper motor) Up to 4

* Base systems includes thermometer and heater control as standard. 
Additional configuration to a maximum of 8 options can be installed


Number of loops 1 incl. as standard, up to 3 extra
PID control Fixed or zonal
Set point Programmable
Proportional gain 0 to 200 K (resolution 0.1)
Integral time 0 to 200 s (resolution 0.1)
Derivative rate 0 to 200 s (resolution 0.1)


Downloads & Further Information


To download the MercuryiTC product guide click here




Product Support

Help Desk support

Help Desk support

A team is available to answer phone or email requests.

System Maintenance, Repair and Upgrades

System Maintenance, Repair and Upgrades

A full repair and maintenance facility is available; our dedicated technicians repair and service hundreds of systems per year.

Dedicated Spares and Accessories

Dedicated Spares and Accessories

Oxford Instruments Direct - Cryospares offers an extensive range of cryogenic spares, magnet spares, accessories and consumables - with a fast and efficient service, expert support and rapid delivery of products world-wide.

Mercury Support

Mercury Support

Support website for customers using MercuryiTC temperature controller and MercuryiPS magnet power supply.

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