SampleProtect measurement system for your sentisitive samples

Announcing SampleProtect measurement system, ideal for ESD protection for opto-electrical experiments

Together with Zurich Instruments, Oxford Instruments has introduced the unique SampleProtect measurement system for ESD protection, optimised for sample characterisations and opto-electrical experiments. It ensures sensitive samples are protected from the electrostatic discharge damage throughout the whole experiment. Built on extensive measurement experience, this 'out of the box' system minimises the time taken to obtain first experimental results and ensures sensitive samples are protected at all times.

The SampleProtect measurement system offers:SampleProtect offering ESD protection

  • Wide sample temperature range from <3 to 300 K
  • High quality measurement grade cables for your low level signals – no need to make your own
  • Fully earthed signal management box and cables – no earth loops to interfere with your measurement
  • Fully Cryofree® - both water and air cooled compressors available

The SampleProtect measurement system is ready to go, and comes complete with Oxford Instruments’ Cryofree bottom loading cryostat – the OptistatDry BLV, Zurich Instruments’ MFLI Lock-in Amplifier, a specially designed ESD break-out box and high quality measurement grade cables. The patent-pending puck style mounting from Oxford Instruments provides safe installation of your samples.

The MFLI 500 kHz Lock-in Amplifier (capable of 500 kHz demodulation as standard) with MF-MD multi-demodulator capability brings the benefits of high performance signal processing at low and medium frequencies. The differential voltage and current inputs of the MFLI are optimised for low noise operation and the high oversampling rate ensures an even better signal to noise ratio. Zurich Instruments’ unique LabOne® control software provides a toolset including an integrated oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser, a plotter and a parameter sweeper.

The SampleProtect measurement capability brings the advantages of the OptistatDry family to opto-electrical measurements. ESD damage to samples is a major issue for researchers working with sensitive samples, such as those working on quantum devices. They are often impacted by sample destruction, caused by unwanted electrical charge, even before the first measurements are made. The unique SampleProtect measurement system ensures that the sample is protected at every stage of the experiment making these types of measurements much more efficient. Particular care for sensitive samples is provided by the unique electrostatic discharge (ESD) breakout box that is included in all systems. The solution is clean electrical grounds and equipment that discharges potential before damaging the samples.

Standard applications

  • Low temperature sample characterisation
  • Mesoscopic systems research
  • Superconductivity
  • Optical interaction with solid state
  • Quantum dots
  • Transport measurements in general

Advanced applications

  • Simultaneous voltage and current measurement
  • Carrier and sideband measurement for dual modulated experiments (intermodulation)
  • Impedance characterisation with accuracy up to 0.05% (requires MF-IA Impedance Analyser option)
  • Frequency extension to 5 MHz (requires MF-F5M Frequency Extension option)
  • Current digitiser with 60 MSa/s and 16 bit resolution (requires MF-DIG Digitiser option)



SampleProtect measurement system for EDS protection

Application note 1

Efficient electrical nanodevice characterisation

PDF 1.43MB
Application note 2

Measuring resistance of a high temperature superconducting sample

PDF 1.54MB

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