Superconducting magnet power supply - MercuryiPS

The Oxford Instruments NanoScience Mercury intelligent magnet power supply (iPS) is a fully configurable magnet power supply system. The MercuryiPS enables automated control of a wide range of superconducting magnets, including NMR, high field, beamline and Vector Rotate magnet systems. The MercuryiPS is a bi-polar, high-stability, four quadrant power supply.  The modular design is based on ±60 A modules with ±10 V compliance and can be configured in parallel, series and matrix modes from the basic ±60 A with ±10 V output up to ±600 A with ±10 V or ±300 A with ±20 V output configurations. The MercuryiPS has an on board temperature sensing for diagnostic monitoring of magnet temperature.  It also includes an option for LHe/LN2 level meter expansion card and additional temperature sensing cards. Combining temperature, level monitor and magnet control the iPS can be used for complete cryogenic system automation. This includes quench protection and auto-rundown where MercuryiPS can be programmed to run magnet down safely in event of overheating or low cryogen levels.  The MercuryiPS communications support a full range of interface options (Ethernet, USB, RS232, and optional GPIB).  Remote control is possible via the Mercury function library for LabVIEW.

  • 60 A modular design up to 600 A
  • Output voltage ±10 V (or ± 20 V for current up to 300 A)
  • Full range of bi-polar output
  • Highly accurate to < 3 mA current stability
  • Low noise, better than ± 2.8 mA current stability (for 120 A)
  • iSense intelligent magnet monitoring

         - Quench protection

         - Temperature and cryogen level monitoring

  • Configurable master / slave combinations
  • Expandable functionality via plug-in cards.
  • Supports vector rotate magnets via 1 master unit
  • Full range of interface options (TCP/IP, USB, RS232 and optional GPIB)

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MercuryiPS MPSU Master + 1 x Slave: Parallel Mode. Ramping* 43H magnet

*Target ramp rate is set to 12 A/min. As a demonstration, the positive current ramp is limited by a multi-zone ramp rate limit table. For the ramp from 0 to 30 A, the rate is limited to 11 A/min, then 7 A/min from 30 A to 50 A, then 5 A/min from 50 A to 80 A, and then 3 A/min from 80 A to 100 A. The ramp back to 0 mirrors the ramp up.

To download the MercuryiPS product guide, click here.