MercuryiTC temperature controller

The MercuryiTC temperature controller is ideally suited to monitor and control the OptistatDry. It has one PID loop to read the sensor and control the heater mounted on the cryostat. It is very easy to operate from the touch screen user interface. You can connect to the MercuryiTC via multiple interfaces: Ethernet, USB or GPIB (optional).  For details , click here.

Window options

We offer a wide range of window options to suit your experimental needs, covering wavelengths from UV all the way to the extreme IR.

For further details about the available window options, click here.



Vacuum pump options

The OptistatDry needs to be pumped to a pressure of 10-4 mbar before it is cooled down. It needs to be re-pumped every time the sample is changed. A dry turbo pump is recommended for this, the H4-600 and H4-601 are both ideal for the OptistatDry. The H4-601 comes with a vacuum gauge making it easier to know when the cryostat has been pumped down sufficiently to start cooling.







OptistatDry spares kit

The spares kit includes all the tools needed to install and maintain your system including tools for fitting the helium compressor lines; screw drivers for the screws used on the system; replacement o-rings; and screws for the regularly accessed parts.