Sample holders and wiring options

The OptistatDry TLEX model comes complete with its own built-in diagnostic wiring, heater and sensor, which are wired to a 15 way micro D-type connector mounted on the room temperature connector flange of the cryostat.

Sample holder options  

Standard sample holder for optical measurements

These sample holders are ideal for optical measurements. They are made from nickel plated copper. The SH1 is best suited to reflection measurements. It provides a flat surface 19 mm x 19 mm to mount your sample. The SH3 is best suited to transmission measurements. It provides a 15 mm clear diameter hole and a clamp plate to secure your sample.

Wiring options:

Experimental wiring can also be chosen as an option with the standard sample holders. A wide range of experimental wiring options is available including DC, RF and sample probe heater/sensor options.

Standard sample holder for liquid samples

The SH7 sample holder and CV cuvette are ideal for liquid or powder samples.

SH7 sample holder and CV cuvette - ideal for liquid or powder samples


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