Cryostat system components

To operate continuous flow cryostats, few components are required:

  • A helium dewar from which liquid helium is drawn from
  • A transfer tube to circulate the liquid helium from the helium dewar to the cryostat
  • A gas flow pump to generate the flow of liquid helium from the dewar to the cryostat
  • A temperature controller
  • A high vacuum pump to generate vacuum in the cryostat
  • Optional: a gas flow controller to control the flow of helium through the system
  • Windows: if you need to run spectroscopy measurements, we can fit up to 4 windows (depending on models) with materials of your choice such as quartz, sapphire, calcium fluoride, crystalline quartz and polypropylene. Our windows cover the entire spectral range from Ultra-violet to extreme infra-red.
  • All these items can be purchased as part of a package from Oxford Instruments at time of purchase or individually at a later date from our Cryospares website:

Our bath and closed cycle cryostats only require a temperature controller and high vacuum pump to operate.


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