Helium cryostats 4 K

Helium cryostats typically cool down samples down to around 4 Kelvin and can cover temperatures up to 500 K.

We have various models to choose from depending on your application requirements and the selection criteria are:

  • Sample space: vacuum or exchange gas
  • Working distance: short or long. For microscopy applications, we have specific cryostats with extremely short working distances enabling the use of high magnification objectives
  • Sample space size: some applications require large sample space. For instance, Scanning Probe Microscopy applications require a SPM head to be fitted within the cryostat
  • Cryostat type: continuous flow cryostats or helium bath cryostats
  • Stability: we offer cryostats with higher level of stability for sensitive applications (MicrostatHires and MicrostatMO)
  • Magnetic field required or not: we have models with integrated superconducting magnets with magnetic fields up to 10 T
Product range summary

range (K)

Sample space Working distance (mm) Cryostat type Magnetic field
OptistatCF 2.3 - 500 Exchange gas - Continuous flow NO
OptistatCF-V 2.3 - 500 Vacuum - Continuous flow NO
MicrostatHe 2.2 - 500 Vacuum Short: 4.5 to 5.5 Continuous flow NO
MicrostatHires 2.7 - 500 Vacuum Short: 2.2 to 5.7 Continuous flow NO
MicrostatMO 6 - 300 K Vacuum 8.5 Continuous flow Yes, 5 T


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Helium cryostat 4 K, sample in exchange gas - OptistatCF

Helium cryostat 4 K, sample in exchange gas - OptistatCF

Helium cryostat, continuous flow cryostat, sample in exchange gas. 4 K base temperature and quick sample change.