• A wide range of window materials can be fitted to the MicrostatHe - see the 'Windows for optical cryostats guide' in Downloads
  • Standard window thickness is 0.5 mm with clear 10 mm access diameter. We also offer an option for a 25 mm access diameter window with a thickness of 1.5 mm
  • Transmission experiments use an alternative bottom flange with a second window fitted and a transmission sample holder
  • Additional or replacement window flanges available via the Oxford Instruments Direct - Cryospares® online catalogue

 Temperature controller

  • MercuryiTC intelligent Cryogenic Environment Controller

Pump options

  • A simple GF4 oil-free vane pump is supplied for operation to 3.2 K
  • Lower temperatures to 2.2 K use a single-stage EPS40 rotary pump

See also the MicrostatHiRes for a high-stability, low-vibration microscopy cryostat with sample in vacuum.