Mode of operation ‘Pull’ mode ‘Push’ mode
Temperature range 2.3 - 500 K 4.2 - 500 K
Sample holder dimensions 20 mm wide x 50 mm long (optical sample holder version has a 12.5 mm aperture)
Maximum sample space (space within radiation shield) 30 mm wide x 58 mm long
Temperature stability +/- 0.1 K (measured over 10 min period)
Cool down from ambient to 4.2 K 10 minutes
Cool down helium consumption from ambient to 4.2 K <1.3 litres
Helium consumption at 4.2 K <0.45 l/h (see Note 1)
Sample change time 1 hour
Cryostat weight 2 kg

Notes: All specifications refer to the base model cryostat with two sets of Spectrosil B windows used with an LLT transfer tube and an ITC controller.

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