Transfer tube - It plays an important part in the overall helium consumption and base temperature capability of helium cooled cryostat.

Oxford Instruments Low Loss Transfer tubes (LLT) use the cold gas exiting the cryostat to cool the shields surrounding the incoming liquid within the transfer tube.  As a result, the consumption of our cryostats is the lowest on the market, dramatically reducing your running costs.

We can also offer an extra flexible transfer tube for those with restricted space in their labs.  Please note that as this does not use the gas cooled mechanism, helium consumption will be higher that for the LLT range.  However it will be well suited to those who need lightweight and more flexible transfer tube.

Gas flow controller - The VC-U gas flow controller now includes the nitrogen and helium flow meters as standard.

Intelligent cryogenic environment controller - Easy monitoring and control of the sample stage.  The MercuryiTC controller combines several instruments into one allowing temperature control at the heat exchanger and gas flow control as well as an extra sensor channel for thermometry measurement directly at the sample stage.  Everything can be accessed through touch screen front panel and remotely.

Example MicrostatHe: You can control the temperature with a sensor and heater at the heat exchanger, monitor and control the gas flow AND have an extra sensor channel to measure sample temperature.

Magnet power supply - Best in class stability performance and optimised for accuracy and low noise.