• As a standard, the tail has four optical access ports  system, fitted with Spectrosil B windows
  • A wide range of window materials can be fitted to the MicrostatHe Rectangular Tail, please contact your local sales representative

Pump options

  • A simple GF4 oil-free vane pump  is supplied for operation to 3.2 K
  • Lower temperatures to 2.2 K use a single-stage EPS40 rotary pump

Temperature controller

  • MercuryiTC intelligent cryogenic environment controller

Transfer tubes

  • Choose an LLT600 or LLT700 low loss LHe transfer tube for minimum helium consumption  – less than  0.45 l/hr at 4.2 K
  • An automated  needle valve can be fitted to the LLT to allow automation of the helium flow regulation and optimisation of the helium consumption

Software control

  • Oxford Instruments electronics products are controllable through the software using RS232, ISOBUS or GPIB interfaces
  • LabVIEW virtual instruments are provided for Oxford Instruments electronics products to allow full PC-based control and monitoring. These can be integrated into a complete LabVIEW data acquisition system