MicrostatMO2Although optical microscope system configurations vary considerably depending on the specific experimental application, Oxford Instruments can provide some guidance on the choice of components for the interface optics for the MicrostatMO. This is particularly an issue where components are to be placed in close proximity to the magnetic field generated by the MicrostatMO, in which case components with zero or negligible interaction in the magnetic field are required to achieve safe and reliable operation. Whilst Oxford Instruments NanoScience cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the performance of the overall optical system, the following selection of components have been identified as suitable:


Recommended optical components
for MicrostatMO
Manufacturer Part Number
XYZ non-magnetic piezo stage for
objective lens positioning
Physik Instrumente
P-611K021 non-magnetic
Controller for piezo stage Physik Instrumente
E-664 analogue controller or E-500
series modular controller
Multifunction IO & A-D card for computer
control of piezo stage
USB 6229
CCD Firewire TV camera for imaging sample Thorlabs DC210C
100 x microscopy objective lens for collecting
Mitutoyo NT56-983
Polarizing beam-splitter for microscope
600 - 1000 nm
Newport 10FC16PB.5
Non-magnetic xyz stage for piezo stage
Standa 7T34-20

Information and image provided courtesy of Dr Robert Taylor, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University, UK