The complete MicrostatMO system consists of:

  • MicrostatMO high resolution magneto-optical cryostat
  • Sample holder
  • LLT600 low-loss liquid helium transfer tube
  • MercuryiTC Intelligent cryogenic environment controller
  • MercuryiPS magnet power supply
  • Gas flow pump (optional)

The MicrostatMO uses the standard accessories of the Oxford Instruments' spectroscopy and optical cryostats product range 

Window options

  • As standard the MicrostatMO is supplied with a 0.5 mm thick Spectrosil WF top window assembly with 15 mm aperture
  • A wide range of other window materials are available on request

Sample holder options

  • Standard copper sample platform for lowest base temperature
  • Optional sapphire window sample platform for optical transmission measurement

Gas flow pump and controller

  • The MicrostatMO can be most conveniently cooled using a pressurised liquid helium dewar ('push mode')
  • For the lowest base temperature select the optional pump ('pull mode')

Optical bench mounting

  • The MicrostatMO is equipped as standard with a mounting bracket to attach it directly to a non-magnetic optical bench
  • Optional stand-off pillars are available for mounting the MicrostatMO above a standard (magnetic) optical bench, to ensure safe and reliable operation with the magnetic field on


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