Operating temperature range 77 K to 500 K
Temperature stability

± 1 K from 80 K to 120 K

± 0.5 K from 120 K to 500 K

Nitrogen consumption < 0.5 litres/hour at 80 K
Cooldown time < 10 minutes from ambient to 80 K with transfer tube cold
Sample holder drift at constant temperature

± 1.0 μm /hr (see note below)

Maximum sample size

20 mm diameter x 2 mm (in reflection)

15 mm diameter x 8 mm (in transmission)

Sample window material

Spectrosil B fused quartz

Other materials available on request

Standard temperature sensor Platinum resistor
Sample change time ~30 minutes
Weight 0.4 kg

Note: Approximate measurement; the stability is not measured or guaranteed and will be dependent upon the final system’s configuration
and the environment that the equipment is used in.

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