A typical system consists of:

  • OptistatDN nitrogen cryostat
  • Sample holder and rod
  • Up to five sets of windows. (four radial; one axial). Each set includes two windows (radiation shield and outer case windows)
  • New Mercury iTC temperature controller
  • High vacuum pumping system

 Optional items:

  • Wiring and electrical connections to the sample
  • Simple height adjust and rotate sample rod: provides sliding adjustment with locking screws to hold a fixed position. The range of vertical motion is 32 mm. Positioning accuracy is 0.5 mm( height) and 1 degree (rotation).
  • Precise height adjust and rotate sample rod provides height adjust and with a resolution of 10 µm and a goniometer for setting the rotation angle with a resolution of 12 minutes.
  • Liquid cuvette for liquid samples


  • A wide range of window materials can be fitted to the OptistatDN to meet specific spectroscopy applications
  • Special windows with non-parallel faces and anti-reflection coatings are available
  • Additional or replacement window flanges available via the Oxford Instruments Direct - Cryospares® online catalogue

Sample holders/rods options

Adding to the OptistatDN versatility is the ability to fit several different sample rods and holders:

  • Standard sample rod: single sample holder with 10-pin electrical access
  • Simple height adjust and rotate sample rod: height adjust range 32 mm with positioning accuracy 0.5 mm, rotate adjust range 360° with positioning accuracy 1°
  • Precision height adjust and rotate sample rod: Height adjust range 30 mm with 10 µm resolution, rotate adjust range 360° with 12 minutes resolution
  • In addition to the sample positioning and 10-pin electrical access, both height adjust and rotate sample rods feature a double sample holder. For applications such as FTIR, the reference and sample can be measured without having to move the cryostat or exchange samples
  • A liquid cuvette sample holder enables liquid sample experiments
  • Additional or replacement sample rods are available via the Oxford Instruments Direct - Cryospares online catalogue

See also the OptistatDN-V for this cryostat with sample in vacuum.