Magnet cold bore size 64 mm or 77 mm
Homogeneity Up to 1 part in 10-6 relative (0.0001%/hour; 1ppm)
Field decay rate Up to 1 part in 10-6 relative per hour (0.0001%/hour; 1ppm/hour)

  • Compensation coils can be used to improve the homogeneity at the centre of the field by reducing the rate at which the field drops at the end of the coils
  • Shim coils are used to remove residual field gradients, and may be wired in series with the main coils to give a basic level of correction ('series shims') or independently to give finer adjustment ('independent shims' with their own ISS10 shim power supply).
  • Modulation and gradient coils can be fitted into the bore of the magnet to provide a modulated (typically sinusoidal ac) magnetic field or a field gradient across the sample space. A single coils offers both options, and is powered via a separate set of current leads.
  • Cancellation coils may be fitted above and/or below a magnet to give a low field region close to the centre of field, frequently used with dilution refrigerator systems.

Further magnet and dewar options exist through custom designed magnet systems - please contact us for details.