Solenoids are fitted in a cryostat ('dewars') and various dewar options are available as per below:

  • Vapour-shielded dewar
  • Low loss liquid-nitrogen shielded dewar
  • NMR-style dewar
  • IntegraAC, helium recondensing dewars
Vapour-shielded dewars are the cheapest however their helium consumption is the highest. To minimise your helium consumption the best option is helium recondensing dewars. They use a pulse tube refrigerator to capture evaporated gas and turn it back into liquid helium. This extends time between refills and reduce helium boill to zero in static mode.

Demountable current leads can also be fitted to reduce helium consumption. This is ideal for applications where the magnet is used in persistent mode for the majority of time.

Further magnet and dewar options exist through custom designed magnet systems - please contact us for details.
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