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No one comes close to our commitment to saving you money with affordable, high-quality CT & MRI medical imaging systems. We have an unrivaled reputation for quality refurbished systems based on a 100 point quality checklist of components and software, and a guarantee that your refurbished system meets (or even exceeds) the original manufacturer specifications.

Oxford Instruments Healthcare can help you find the right scanner for your clinical and budget needs, including on-site inspection of each system. Find out how you can save more with quality refurbished CT & MRI scanners.

Products In This Group

Refurbished CT Sales

Refurbished CT Sales

Deliver the best diagnostic care to your patients with quality refurbished CT scanners, including late model scanners.

Refurbished MRI Sales Process

Refurbished MRI Sales

Oxford Instruments Healthcare bring a new level of diagnostic care to patients with quality refurbished MRI scanners, including late model scanners.

CT & MRI Upgrades

CT & MRI Upgrades

Enhance continuity of care and expand your portfolio of imaging services with the latest CT & MRI upgrades.

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