MRI Cold Heads and Accessories

Looking for high-quality service for your MRI coldhead at affordable prices?

At Oxford Instruments Healthcare, our goal is to help you extend the lifetime of your equipment by providing you quality service at affordable prices tailored to meet your needs.

We repair and overhaul over 2,000 coldheads, cryopumps and compressors every year and we will use our knowledge and expertise to help you. The refurbishing process at Oxford Instruments Healthcare ensures that all components are replaced, and tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Our coldhead services include:

  • Cleaning cylinders in ultrasonic tanks. Removing all traces of existing contaminates from your coldhead.
  • Replacing seals, o-rings and bearings. We replace every component susceptible to wear and tear in your MRI
  • Performing comprehensive helium clean-ups and inspections. In our experience, 50% of issues we see are related to extended time between services. When your coldhead leaves our facility, it is returned to you in optimal condition.

Every refurbished part goes through an extensive quality inspection and testing to meet our strict ISO 9001 & 13485 standards.

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