Our ICP-CVD cleaning regime was developed to give reproducible deposition and low particles between mechanical cleans


  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Higher utilisation through optional interleaved clean
  • Accurate endpoint resulting in reduced over-etch of chamber components and increasing their lifetime

High Rate Clean Process Features
  • System Utilisation >70%
  • SF6 /N2O gas mixture
  • Improved End Point control
  • New Plasma clean results in increased optical intensity with greater endpoint signal/resolution
  • New plasma clean results in 68% reduction in plasma clean time compared to the standard clean
  • Actual plasma clean time depends on film material, film quality and film thickness

Interleaved Clean Mode

  • High utilisation
  • Highly repeatable deposition rate
  • Low added particle counts maintained with clean after every wafer
  • > 50 microns between mechanical cleans
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