Ion Beam Deposition (IBD)

Ion beam technology that allows films to be etched or deposited by the use of beams of charged ions in a high vacuum system.  

For etching, the ion beam is directed at the substrate to be patterned. For deposition, an ion beam strikes and sputters a target of material, which then coats the substrate tilted toward the target with the sputtered material. The properties of the deposited film will depend on the target material properties and on the ion sputter beam parameters (flux, energy, etc.) as well as the chamber ion source-target-substrate configuration.

Benefits of ion beam deposition (IBD):

  • Allows beam energy and ion flux to be independently controlled
  • Process takes place in a lower pressure working environment
  • Offers good control of stoichiometry for a wide range of materials
  • Reduces porosity and included gas in deposited films
  • Enables deposition of very high quality optical and other films with super smooth surfaces


  Ionfab 300
Ion deposition source 150mm
Deposited area Up to 200mm
Number of targets Up to 4 targets
Platen size Up to 8 inch wafer
End point detection Dual Xtal monitors
Platen rotation Up to 20rpm
Platen tilt angle -90ºC to +75ºC
Platen heat Embedded heaters up to 300ºC
Platen cooling Helium
Assist or pre-clean source 150mm and 300mm RF ion source

1. White Light Optical Monitor