PlasmalabSystem133-TEOS-PECVD-door-4.jpgDelivery module enabling TEOS based PECVD in PlasmaPro 100
process tools

  • Excellent uniformity and conformality of deposition
  • Integrated purpose-designed solution
  • Optimised heated delivery lines
  • Housekeeping control valves
  • Heated TEOS module offers easy access, together with safe bubbler change-over using the optional clip-on glovebox
  • The module can be connected into cleanroom extraction systems for complete health and safety assurance
  • Control of film stress by pulsed high/low frequency power mixing
  • Control of deposition directionality and hence degree of step coverage by controlling oxygen radicals 
  • High quality, conformal deposition of SiO2 for photonics, dielectric layers and other structures

TEOS process chamber hardware

  • Optional heater-chiller for top electrode and gas inlet assembly heating
  • Chamber wall heating kit