Platinum (Pt) Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

Pt may be deposited using Atomic Layer Deposition  (ALD).

Process Specification

Precursors: MeCp-Pt-Me3 – liquid vapour draw @ 70°C
Non-metal precursors: O2 (thermal and plasma)
Temperature range: 100°C* - 300°C (plasma), 225°C - 300°C (thermal) *below 200°C by H2 plasma reduction of PtO2
Growth rate per cycle: 0.45 Å/cycle @  300ºC
Deposition rate: 0.18nm/min @ 300°C
Uniformity: ± 1.5% over 100, ± 2.5% over 150mm, ± 3.5% over 200mm

These results are for indicative purposes only.
For a detailed process specification please contact your sales representative.


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