10 µm thick SiGe showing excellent contact hole fillingSilicon Germanium (SiGe) Deposition

PECVD polycrystalline SiGe by multilayer process at 450°C (100 nm amorphous PECVD SiGe seed layer to avoid the long incubation time on SiO2/ CVD SiGe crystallisation seed layer for subsequent low emperature polycrystalline PECVD SiGe growth).

  • Film resistivity 1 m ohm cm
  • Contact resistivity SiGe/Al
  • Between 6×10-6 -9×10-5 ohm cm2 stress - 5 MPa
  • CVD SiGe can be grown at 450° C at just 20 nm/ min
  • PECVD microcrystalline SiGe can be deposited at 300° - 400° C with 10 - 20 nm/ min
  • IMEC proprietary and patented process

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