100nm deep ITO ICP etchIndium Tin Oxide (ITO) Etching

ITO is a well known Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO). It may be dry etched using the following process types:


Process results

  PlamaPro 80 Cobra65 PlasmaPro 100 Cobra65 PlasmaPro 100 Cobra180 PlasmaPro 80 RIE PlasmaPro 100 RIE
Etch rate: > 80 nm/ min > 10nm/min
Uniformity: < ± 5 % < ± 10%
Selectivity to PR: > 1:1
Wafer size: up to 2" up to 100mm up to 200mm

These results are for indicative purposes only.
For a detailed process specification please contact your sales representative.