Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etch for Failure Analysis

Process Specification

  PlasmaPro 80 Cobra65
  Etch Rate (Å/min) Selectivity Uniformity (50mm wafer)
Polyimide >5000 >15:1 to SiNx <±5%
SiNx Depassivation  ~1000 ~1.5:1 to TEOS or SiC <±5%
SiOx ILD (BPSG, TEOS) Up to 1000 ~0.5:1 to low-k dielectrics
~0.7:1 SiC
SiOx with higher selectivity to Nitride ~200 7:1 -
Bulk Si removal ~50000 >100:1 to SiO2 -

These results are for indicative purposes only.
For a detailed process specification please contact your sales representative.

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