Production data for DLC etching in the PlasmaPro 133 RIEDiamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) RIE

DLC etching is an inherently non-depositing process and requires very little plasma cleaning. The PlasmaPro 133 RIE tool allows both deposition and etching of DLC films. Its large electrode size allows batch mode of operation. For maximum throughput and ease of use a cassette-loaded version is also available.

Process specificaton

  • Recommended Etch Gases: SF6-O2
  • Recommended Plasma Clean Gases: O2
  • Batch sizes: up to 20x2", 5x100mm, 4x125mm Si substrates
  PlasmaPro 133 RIE
Etch rate > 65nm/min
Uniformity < ± 5% single 150mm (edge exclusion 7mm)
< ± 10% 4 x 125mm
Reproducibility < ±3% (run to run)

These results are for indicative purposes only.
For a detailed process specification please contact your sales representative.

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