Isotropic Silicon (Si) etchSilicon (Si) Isotropic Etching

  • Isotropic Si etch with high selectivity to Photoresist (PR) and Silicon Oxide (SiO2)
  • Also applicable as a MEMS release etch

Process Specification

  PlasmaPro 100 Cobra180 PlasmaPro 100 Cobra300 PlasmaPro 100 Estrelas
Rate:  up to > 5 µm/min Contact us for details up to > 25 µm/min
Type of etch:   Isotropic Contact us for details Isotropic
Selectivity to PR: Up to > 100:1 Contact us for details Up to > 400:1
Selectivity to SiO2: Up to > 500:1 Contact us for details Up to > 800:1
Wafer size: Up to 100mm Up to 200mm

These results are for indicative purposes only.
For a detailed process specification please contact your sales representative.


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