NEW improved process for 2 dimensional MoS2 fabrication using Raman metrology

Scientists at Plasma Technology have studied the process of depositing two dimensional (2D) layers of Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) demonstrating quality control using Raman spectroscopy.

In a paper published in IOP Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, we take an in depth look at using the defect activated Raman signature, to study the influence of various process parameters as well as to improve film quality. We also show that our atomic layer etching process for MoS2 does not induce defects in the underlying layers.


Promising electronic and optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials have spurred research into large area fabrication through vapour deposition and etching. However, robust and efficient non destructive characterization techniques are required in order to reliably produce good quality uniform layers. Here, we present a Raman spectroscopy approach for characterization of the quality and a systematic study of the impact of process parameters for the production of 2D MoS2 layers. We also present the application of this characterization technique for controlled layer by layer etching of multilayer MoS2.


MoS2 Processing

AFM shows defined step height and smooth uniform film

Raman indicates one mono-layer is deposited with characteristic peaks spaced 21.1cm-1 apart