(Top) SEM image of Si Nanowires (catalyst: Au film/SiO2), (Bottom) SEM image of Si Nanowires (Catalyst: 20nmAu nanoparticles /SiO2 )Growth of Silicon Nanowires (Si)

Deposition Temperature Typically 400-630°C
Process Gases SiH4 (diluted or 100%), H2 (NH3), Ar
Cleaning Gases CF4, O2 (or N2O)
Growth Pressure 1-4Torr
Growth Rate Up to 150nm/min

Process features:

  • Selective growth at desired positions can result from accurate positioning of catalyst particles prior to growth
  • H2 plasma can be used as the pre-treatment step to facilitate or activate the catalyst particles
  • Growth of Si nanowires is related to the catalyst and growth conditions
  • Growth is enabled using both plasma-assisted and thermal modes
  • Low temperature growth is possible using catalyst nanoparticles, without need for sputtered films
  • Load-locked system offers higher throughput, as no cooling of the growth chamber is required to exchange samples
  • The He purge gas is required for the process

These results are for indicative purposes only.
For a detailed process specification please contact your sales representative.

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Nanoscale Growth

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