Flexibility in a single tool

  • Tiltable substrate holder can be angled from -90° up to +65° (depending upon configuration)
  • Enables ‘blazed’ gratings
  • Allows sidewalls to be cleaned off or etched
  • Angle control of substrate relative to deposition target ensures excellent deposition uniformity

Platen rotation speed

  • Variable platen rotation speed enables deposition rate to be controlled specifically for the application
  • Standard and high speed platen options

Substrate cooling

  • Prevents degradation of substrate and devices structures/other materials already in place
  • Option for wafer backside cooling with He (turbo-pump) or Ar (cryo-pump)

Process monitoring

  • Etch endpoint monitoring by SIMS for multi-material applications
  • Deposition process monitoring
  • Crystal monitor (single or dual head)
  • Chamber gas identification, partial pressure control and leak checking via RGA