AZtecHKL contains many Intelligent EBSD Acquisition Tools that make data acquisition faster, easier....better.


Topics in this section


Change acquisition conditions and still collect quality EBSD patterns at the click of a button.

  • Collect accurate data routinely under a full range of working distance and detector insertion distance – without recalibrating
  • AutoCal is a sophisticated geometric correction which works seamlessly and automatically to calculate calibration parameters based upon changes in geometry
  • Compensates for changes to the projection parameters resulting from beam movement at low magnification
  • The system is quick and easy to set up, whatever the user experience level



AZtec corrects for changes in acquisition conditions automatically and in real-time

Optimising the system for data acquisition is easier and more automated than ever before

  • Automatic detector exposure
  • Intelligent dynamic background
  • Detector control from within the user interface
  • Change SEM conditions – kV, probe current, magnification, or stage tilt – without recalibrating,
    • and still collect an optimised EBSP which is correctly solved

EBSD advanced acquisition


  • AutoLock is an integrated drift correction tool that corrects EBSD and EDS data simultaneously, resulting in the most accurate maps.
  • Unique blend of predictive and reactive drift correction routines
  • Corrects drift on tilted and untilted samples
  • Essential for high magnification nanoscale EBSD

EBSD Drift Correcyion in AZtec

Image Registration

All AZtec acquired images can be used for specimen navigation and relocation at a later date - even on a different microscope.

  • AZtec takes control of the microscope stage and seamlessly relocates to points of interest
  • During a session, any acquired image or map is automatically registered, enabling easy relocation to previously analysed areas
  • Any image can be used for navigation i.e. an EBSD map can be used to navigate to an area of interest
  • Manually registering images enables specific areas of a specimen to be further investigated at a later date, even on another microscope

EBSD Image Registration




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