AZtecSynergy combines the innovation and power in AZtecEnergy and AZtecHKL to create the ultimate materials characterisation system with simultaneous EBSD and EDS analyses...  

EDS and EBSD are integrated in a single interface with no compromise on functionality or productivity

  • View EDS and EBSD data simultaneously at up to 870 points per second
  • View and optimise the acquisition parameters for both detectors from a single window
  • Unknown phases can be identified from the stored patterns and spectra once an EBSD / EDS data set is collected

Combined EBSD and EDS - AZtecSynergy

Phase ID
Simultaneously collect the EDS spectrum and EBSD pattern from a single point on the sample, for accurate phase identification.


  • Powerful and fast phase search to identify candidate phases based on chemical information
  • Accurately determine the phase from a list of candidate phases, using Tru-I algorithms
  • Save spectra and EBSD patterns with reference image

AZtecSynergy and identification of an unknown phase

Integrated EBSD and EDS mapping
AZtecSynergy provides a true and complete characterisation of the sample in real-time.

  • Easy to use, with no complex switching between techniques
  • A single interface is used for data collection
  • Use EBSD map as a reference image for EDS collection
  • Stored data can be interrogated offline

AZtecSynergy is optimised so there’s no loss in performance when the EBSD and EDS data are collected simultaneously.

  • Unleash the power of the X-MaxN SDD and Nordlys EBSD detectors
  • View ALL of the data in real-time
    • EBSD patterns are indexed as acquired to create orientation and phase maps together with element maps
    • Change EDS parameters or EBSD parameters and see the impact on the results immediately
  • View and report EDS and EBSD maps simultaneously

Combined EBSD and EDS analysis

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