AZtec and the new generation NordlysMax2 detector deliver the fastest real-time indexing speed and the sensitivity to operate in low kV and low beam current regimes. A unique design also incorporates the capability to collect data at high temperatures. 

 Superior optics and CCD enables ultra fast acquisition speeds

  • Acquisition rates at 870 Hz acquired and solved at 99% hit rate
  • Achievable at beam currents down to 5 nA
  • Collect and solve EBSD data and X-ray smartmaps at 870 points per second

High speed EBSD

NordlysMax2 combines high speed with optimal sensitivity

  • Data collection at low kV (5 kV) to maximise spatial resolution
  • Effective at low beam currents (100 pA)
  • Suitable for all types of dynamic studies, including in situ tensile experiments.

Designed for dynamic studies, where high speed acquisition is critical

  • Integrated infra-red (IR) filter for data collection during in situ heating experiments
  • Delivers high sensitivity compared to conventional high temperature phosphor screens