EBSD Detector

  • Acquire and index EBSD data in real-time at up to 1580 pps and with 99% validated hit rate
    • View all indexed data as acquired
    • Create and interrogate maps and line scans in real-time
    • Fastest, most efficient data collection
  • Collect EBSD and EDS data simultaneously at full speed
    • Create EBSD and EDS maps in real-time
    • Unleash the performance of the X-MaxN 150 SDD for the fastest data collection
    • View EBSPs and spectra from areas of interest, during or after analysis
  • NordlysMax3 is a single choice high-speed detector for all EBSD applications
    • No compromise in performance
    • Operation down to 5 kV
    • Operation at low probe current (100 pA)
  • The ideal solution for capturing dynamic changes
    • In-chamber heating or tensile experiments
    • Collect more data during dynamic tests
    • Integrated IR filter as standard
  • All the advantages of the Nordlys design:
    • Optimum geometry for combined EBSD & EDS
    • Up to six forescatter diodes (FSD)
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