EBSD Detector NordlysNano

The NordlysNano EBSD detector couples enhanced throughput with high spatial and angular resolution. It addresses the growing requirements of nanoscale applications: EBSPs are imaged with the best sensitivity, lowest optical distortion and highest resolution.


  • Discrimination of materials with very similar crystallographic lattice parameters
  • The highest resolution uses the full 1344 x 1024 CCD array to digitise EBSP’s
  • Designed for data collection using low probe currents requiring only 0.5nA to operate.

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See also our new EBSD Detector Symmetry. Symmetry is a next generation EBSD detector that provides better perfomance.  

NordlysNano Features

The AZtec and NordlysNano system addresses the growing requirements of nanoscale applications: EBSPs are imaged with the best sensitivity, lowest optical distortion and highest resolution.

  • Acquire and solve patterns in real-time at low beam currents and at low kV
  • Highest sensitivity at the fastest possible speeds – minimise the time and the beam current required for data acquisition

NordlysNano is optimised for high spatial resolution EBSD

  • Designed for data acquisition at low kV, for the best spatial resolution EBSD analysis of nano materials
  • Efficient low beam current operation, requiring only 100 pA to operate, ideal for:
    • Tungsten or LaB6 SEMs operated in high spatial resolution mode
    • Cold FE SEMs
    • Thermal FE SEMs that operate with low probe currents

NordlysNano is optimised for high pattern resolution EBSD

NordlysNano at highest resolution uses the full 1344 x 1024 CCD array to digitise EBSPs. The acquisition of higher
resolution patterns is crucial for certain applications:

  • Difficult to index, lower symmetry materials, where higher pixel resolution can aid in phase identification
  • Required for cross-correlation techniques, for example, elastic strain analysis
  • Correct measure of orientation in pseudo-symmetric materials with c/a ratios as low as 2%

Nordlys Detector Overview

Either Nordlys detector delivers world-leading EBSD performance over all application regimes.


These are the features common to both:


Optimised optical design

Kikuchi bands detected at the pattern edge are key for correct phase identification. A conventional circular phosphor screen is either too large (orange) or too small (white).

  • A rectangular phosphor screen maximises CCD use
  • Ideal for difficult low crystal symmetry materials


Optimised collection geometry for simultaneous EDS and EBSD

Tapered detector noses enable closer and more detailed sample analysis:

Optimal SEM Configuration for detectors

  • Maximise signal to both detectors
  • Achieve shorter working distances

Outstanding sensitivity

Nordlys detectors are designed for operation over a complete range of kV and beam current regimes:

  • Excellent operation at low kV and low beam energy for the best spatial resolution
  • Analyse beam sensitive samples with lower beam energy
  • High angular resolution: less than 0.1 degrees

EBSP patterns

Orientation contrast imaging

Forescatter detector (FSD) system, with up to 6 independently controlled detectors around the phosphor screen.

  • Forescatter detector control is through the AZtec user interface
  • AZtec includes an automated optimisation routine for orientation or atomic number contrast imaging
  • This solution incorporates the flexibility and versatility for customised image acquisition

EBSD Detector diode imaging


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Maintenance and Support

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