Sometimes a pole figure is not enough. The mathematical calculation of an orientation distribution function (ODF) provides, however, a complete description of the texture in your sample.

Salsa can calculate ODFs using several standard methods, and then provides all of the display options necessary for easy interpretation of the results.

Whether you require 3-D plots of the complete Euler space, serial sections or even single density profiles, Salsa provides you with the necessary tools. And, as misorientations and orientations are mathematically equivalent, Salsa also calculates misorientation distribution functions (MODFs).

Key Features

  • Display of EBSD orientation data in Euler space, as orientations (ODF) or misorientations (MODF)
  • Distribution function

ODF calculation algorithms:

  • Series expansion method
  • Gaussian kernel estimation

Display modes:

  • Scattered data points
  • Density colours
  • Contouring

Viewing options:

  • 3-D animation
  • Serial sections
  • Single section browser
  • Density profiles

Creation and display of any ideal orientation, e.g. Goss or 100 fibre
Advanced subset selection of specific orientations
Data and graphic export facility in many formats