Tango is a sophisticated software module designed for the sole purpose of manipulating orientation maps. The flexibility of Tango allows you to display each map in many ways and to extract whatever information is important to you. This includes grain sizes, texture data, boundary characteristics, phase distributions and recrystallised fractions.

All of the conventional methods for displaying EBSD mapping data are complemented by an extendable library of map components: many are supplied as standard, but if you wish to define specialised components for your data, Tango provides the facility to create them.

Key Features:

  • Advanced noise-reduction facility
  • Customised map creation by overlaying individual map components
  • Grain size analysis (linear intercepts, grain area, diameter, elliptical fit)
  • Misorientation profiles along straight lines in the maps
  • Advanced subset selection based on any map feature (e.g. an area, a specific grain size, a Taylor Factor range etc.)
  • Legend with histogram display for all map components
  • Data and graphic export facility in many formats
  • Extendable library of map components, including:
    • Pattern quality, Pattern misfit
    • Orientation colouring (Euler angle, "unit-triangle", RF-vector)
    • Any user-defined texture component
    • Strain contouring component
    • Open map component (via DLL)
    • Grain and sub-grain boundaries
    • CSL and special boundaries
    • Phase boundaries
    • Phase colouring
    • Deformed / recrystallized fraction component
    • Schmid and Taylor factor
    • EDS counts display